Flexera InstallShield

Flexera InstallShield overview

Flexera InstallShield is used for working with Programming data. For now, it's available for Windows only. Flexera InstallShield download for Windows and Windows is easily organizable on main web stores for those platforms.

The most adviseable file formats for this software are .BOOT or .ILG formats. Our basic instruction for this software includes advice on opening files:

  1. Find the .BOOT, .ILG, .INX file that needs to be opened and click on it two times with the left button of your mouse. If you have installed software on your computer, the file will open easily.
  2. Launch the files with the help of Flexera InstallShield in-built menu. To do that, find the menu button and follow the instructions.

Additional information on Flexera InstallShield latest version, as well as its mobile and lite versions, pricing and system requirements can be found on its official page. To download an all-clean official Flexera InstallShield version, follow the link provided. Never download software from third party sources.

Other file extensions used by Flexera InstallShield

More info:

This link follow to webpage, where you will find links to official sources of Flexera InstallShield. If you are Windows user, then just click to button below and go to the page with link. Please note that this app may ask for permissions when installed.