.SVG File Extension

  • File Type: Scalable Vector Graphics File
  • Developer: Adobe Systems
  • Category: Vector Image Files
  • Format: XML
  • Rating:

What do you consider a .SVG file?

It is a file created in XML format by Adobe Systems. Android and iOS are the best platforms for working with .SVG files.

Tell me about the process of creating a .SVG file.

To generate .SVG file, you will need Any Web browser, Kolourpaint, or yWorks yEd Graph Editor. Check out the software list below to know more. After you've chosen the program that suits you most, check out whether you can get it on such official sources as app stores or developer's website.

How do you open .SVG files?

No matter what platform you launch .SVG files on,you'll find the software needed below. Download .SVG launcher to organize your working process with files of this type.

Programs that open .SVG files

    • File Type 1: Saved Game File File
    • Developer: N/A
    • Category: Game Files
    • Format: N/A
    • Rating:

    What is .SVG extension?

    .SVG file is a file. Android and iOS are the best platforms for working with .SVG files.

    Are .SVG files easy to create?

    We've created a list of the most suitable software for .SVG generation. All the recommended software is available

    Is software for working with .SVG files different from the one for creating such files?

    To open .SVG file on the platform of your choice, you must have one of the .SVG readers indicated below. Attend developer's official site or your platform store to download the software you need.