.AI File Extension

  • File Type: Adobe Illustrator File
  • Developer: Adobe Systems
  • Category: Vector Image Files
  • Format: Binary
  • Rating:

Can you help me figure out what .AI is?

It is a file extension made as Binary data. .AI files can be opened on several platforms, including Linux and Windows

How difficult are .AI files to create?

Choose one of the programs listed below. All the recommended software is available on such official sources as app stores or developer's website.

Are .AI files easy to open?

No matter what platform you launch .AI files on,you'll find the software needed below. With the installation of .AI launcher, you won't have any further questions.

Programs that open .AI files

    • File Type 1: Battlefield 2 Artificial Intelligence File File
    • Developer: Electronic Arts
    • Category: Game Files
    • Format: Text
    • Rating:

    What is .AI format?

    It's a file created in Text format by Electronic Arts. You're free to launch .AI type files on various platforms.

    What is needed for the making of .AI?

    To generate files of .AIextention use one of the programs idicated below. All of the software can be downloaded on the web. Don't download from torrents! Look for official distributors.

    In which programs can I open .AI files?

    Opening .AI files is easy. We've colllected all .AI readers, so just choose the one that suits you best. .AI opener installation will let you open all the documents of this format.