.123 File Extension

  • File Type: Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet File
  • Developer: IBM
  • Category: Spreadsheet Files
  • Format: Binary
  • Rating:

Can you help me figure out what .123 is?

It is a file extension developed in a Binary category. Linux and Windows are the best platforms for working with .123 files.

How can I make a .123 file?

To make .123 files, you need to use a program from the list below. All the recommended software is available on the official stores.

How can I open .123 files?

For the opening of .123 files, use the software from our list. After the .123 reader installation, you will be able to work with .123 files on your platform.

    • File Type 1: PCB123 Circuit Board Design File
    • Developer: Sunstone Circuits
    • Category: CAD Files
    • Format: N/A
    • Rating:

    What does .123 in a file mean?

    Such are the files users can work with. You can launch .123 files on such platforms as Linux and Windows.

    How difficult are .123 files to create?

    Use IBM Collaboration Solutions or any other program indicated below to make .123 files. We only recommend official software, please download it

    How to open .123 files?

    Choose a program that suits your platform and your preferences on our website. With the installation of .123 launcher, you won't have any further questions.