.BAT File Extension

  • File Type: DOS Batch File
  • Developer: Microsoft
  • Category: Executable Files
  • Format: Text
  • Rating:

Care to know more about .BAT files?

It is an extension in Text format built by Microsoft. We advise you to operate .BAT files on Android.

Is it easy to create a .BAT file?

Microsoft Windows Command Prompt, Any text editor, and Microsoft Windows are you best options for creating files of .BAT extension. After you've chosen the program that suits you most, check out whether you can get it for download on web stores suitable for your platform.

Are .BAT files easy to open?

Some developers make soft for the creation and reading of .BAT files, other only make .BAT launchers. On our website, you'll find both. .BAT opener installation will let you open all the documents of this format.