.ACCDB File Extension

  • File Type: Access 2007 Database File
  • Developer: Microsoft
  • Category: Database Files
  • Format: Zip
  • Rating:

What do we know about .ACCDB extension?

.ACCDB is a file extension in Zip format built by Microsoft. .ACCDB files can be opened on several platforms, including Mac and Windows

Tell me about the process of creating an .ACCDB file.

The list of .ACCDB creation software carefully chosen by our team is here, on this web page. .ACCDB creation software is available from official stores.

How can a user open files with .ACCDB extension?

Some developers make soft for the creation and reading of .ACCDB files, other only make .ACCDB launchers. On our website, you'll find both. After the .ACCDB reader installation, you will be able to work with .ACCDB files on your platform.