.3FR File Extension

  • File Type: Hasselblad 3F RAW Image File
  • Developer: Hasselblad
  • Category: Camera Raw Files
  • Format: Binary
  • Rating:

What does .3FR mean?

It is a file extension created by Hasselblad. Android is the best for working with .3FR files.

Is it easy to create a .3FR file?

The list of .3FR creation software carefully chosen by our team is here, on this web page. After you've chosen the program that suits you most, check out whether you can get it on the Internet. Just look for the official sources.

What a user needs to open .3FR files?

No matter what platform you launch .3FR files on,you'll find the software needed below. After the .3FR reader installation, you will be able to work with .3FR files on your platform.

Programs that open .3FR files