.3DM File Extension

  • File Type: Rhino 3D Model File
  • Developer: Robert McNeel & Associates
  • Category: 3D Image Files
  • Format: Binary
  • Rating:

What is .3DM format?

.3DM files are the files you can operate of Binary format. It was developed by Robert McNeel & Associates. Mac is your number one option for launching .3DM files.

How can I make a .3DM file?

The list of .3DM creation software carefully chosen by our team is here, on this web page. All of the software can be downloaded on such official sources as app stores or developer's website.

How can a user open files with .3DM extension?

For the opening of .3DM files, use the software from our list. After the .3DM reader installation, you will be able to work with .3DM files on your platform.